CONCEALAPORE Invisible Pore Concealer Mirror Compact


All natural invisible pore concealer erases the look of large pores noticeable on the cheeks, forehead or nose areas FLAWLESSLY. This translucent formula was developed specifically FOR ALL SKIN TONES and works easily & effectively to smooth over the surface of large pore sites making large open pores flush with the surrounding skin and instantly "invisible” to the eye. This product contains all natural cosmetic grade ingredients, contains no chemicals, irritants or preservatives. Undetectable on the skin surface, CONCEALAPORE provides Improved Skin Confidence and Lasting Coverage You Can Count On. GUARANTEED RESULTS with MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Directions for Use

Can be applied with or without makeup and is suitable for ALL SKIN TONES. Application: With enclosed precise applicator tool, collect ONLY A DOT SIZED AMOUNT onto the tip of the spatula, smooth directly over large pore site(s) with an upward stroke utilizing as a “spackle/filler” carefully evening out the skin surface over the pore site. With makeup: apply OVER foundation/blush application as a final touch up. May require one or two spot applications for a perfected smoothed over finish. Reapply as needed. Application Intructions included.

Recommended: Customers prefer purchasing an extra carry along compact for handy touchups when reapplying their makeup.